With our By sprint fiber 4 kw we can cut up until 20mm stainless steel.

This latest fiberlaser cuts up until 3x as fast as the conventional lasercutters.

This in combination with our automatic feeder makes Melamo able to provide short lead times and efficiency in the production process. That is why Melamo SRO is a reliable supplier and very competitive in his prices.

We supply bending technology that meets the highest requirements.

With our Xpert Pro 250/4300 Extended Melamo is ahead as a supplier for bending. With this bending machine we can handle objects up until 4 meters with wallthicknesses up to 8 mm in stainless steel. This in combination with the latest software connected to Solid Works makes it possible to produce the most complicated products. Due to the high unloading of the machine, very high products can be bended out of one piece so that welding seams are minimized.

It's all about quality

With our continuous improvement plans for quality, processes and innovative production solutions we are a leading partner in stainless steel products. To keep on improving our skills we have education and training program in place. We are certified with ISO 9001, ISO 3834-2, AD2000 Merkblatt, ISO 9606-1 and ASME IX

ISO9001 Certificate
AD2000 Merkblatt
ISO-3834-2 certificate

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